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I went to the eyeland optical in pottsville to have an eye exam and get glasses. The exam and fitting went great.

They told me i had to pay for my glasses and bill upfront before i could get them so i paid for everything. I didn't have eye insurance so i paid 200 dollars for everything. Two weeks went by and i finally got my glasses after they said it would only take 5 to 7 days. Everything was great with my glasses and i was happy until about a week ago when i get a bill in the mail.

Now just to let you know it has been 4 months since i got my glasses and just to remind you i didnt have insurance and paid everything up front. I call the eye place and ask them what the bill is for and they said that my insurance didn't pay for everything and i owe them another 100 dollars. I kindly reminded the man on the phone that i didn't have insurance and i paid for everything that day and even had the paper they gave me that stated in plain english that everything was paid for. he very rudely said that i owed them another 100 dollars and that if i didn't pay it they were going to report me.

I told the man that i would come up there with the paper and we would sort it out. I got up there 20 minutes later and they said that they had everything taken care of and i didn't owe them anything. So i left and a week goes by. Today i wake up this morning and i have a very nasty voicemail on my phone telling me that i haven't paid them the 175 dollars i now owe them and that they have reported me for failure to pay.

I called them back and told the manager of the store that i was up there a week ago with my reciept and was told that i didn't have to pay anything and that it was their mistake. The manager told me that he didn't know who i talked to but he said that i owed money. So this time i went up there with my lawyer and proceeded to be told that i still owed 175 dollars for my glasses and that i didnt pay for everything that day and that if i didn't pay not only was i reported but i was also going to have the cops called on me for being rude and verbally abusive. Now i am telling you the truth when i tell you that not once have i been rude in any way and i am not a rude person.

I am a mother to two children and could not afford to pay them the money that day. my lawyer stated that she wanted in writing what i was paying for. they couldnt come up with any kind of paperwork as to what i owed them another 175 dollars for. my lawyer told them that i refused to pay them and that she would be looking into a lawsuit.

i really dont want to take that route but i refuse to be treated like garbage. stay away from eyeland optical!!!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States #1278313

I went to the eyeland optical in Pottsville for the first time and i waited 2 weeks for my glasses. I went yesterday to picked them up and they weren't the glasses i picked.

They had sent the wrong ones. I am very angry. She then said "Well you can wear these until yours come in". Those aren't close to the ones i paid for!!!

Now i have to wait another 2 weeks!! Never going back there again.

Their selection of glasses werent great. I prefer Lindsey eyecare in Wyomissing


Do Not Go to these People! They are Thieves!

Go to Eye Glass Stores that are Recognized to Conduct their Business with Integrity & Customer Satisfaction! After buying glasses that cost $658.00 they wanted another $350.00 to replace original glasses I purchased that Fell Off my Face! Ha! What a Slap in the face to Hard Working People!!

Who in their life pays $1000.00 for a pair of Eye Glasses.


Are agree with you that Eyeland stinks. I have been going to Eyeland for over 5 years now and the last time I was there I was told that 5 or 6 days would be the longest time for my new glasses to be available.

It was almost 2 weeks and finally I called them and told them I was leaving on vacation the next day and wanted to know why my glasses were not ready. They said the lens and frames were in their office but no one had the time to put them together. I told them that I would be to their office in Shamokin Dam in one hour and the glasses better be ready for me to pick up. When I got there they were working on them and I finally got them after waiting another 1/2 hour.

Now for my newest complaint--I called Eyeland in Shamokin Dam to make an appointment for an exam and new glasses over a week ago. I was given an appointment for Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 10:00. I walked in around 9:50 and the guy at the counter asked my name and I told him. He said "Oh we've been calling you to tell you that the Dr had an emergency 3 days ago.

I told him that I was home or someone was there at all times and he still said they kept calling. I have an answering machine and they also had my cell phone number. My answering machine had no messages and they never tried my cell phone. I asked what number they were calling and he looked on the computer and repeated my home phone number.

I live in a different area code and said to him "I bet you were calling the 570 area code instead of 717. Of course he denied it. I also have caller ID on my home phone and when I got home I checked to see if they did indeed call and the ONLY call from them was that morning at 9:41 am and my appointment was for 10 am. Please keep in mind that I live almost an hour away in Millerstown PA.

I just turned around and walked out of there and went to Wal-Mart and made another appointment there. I used to go to Wal-Mart but changed to Eyeland because they had better prices.

Boy, was that a *** move. I agree with this other person--DON'T GO TO EYELAND-----------EVER!!!


They are idiots!!

I've been back and forth 3 times at the practice in Ephrata and my glasses are still not right!! Can't see out of them and they said. "Take them your eyes will adjust"

I didn't take them and I'm going to report them to the Better Business Bureau if I don't get a full refund.

Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, United States #592248

Doesn't sound like the same Eyeland I went to. I got an exam, new glasses and sunglasses, and only had to pay $38 on top of my insurance. And they did all the insurance paperwork, ran it thru and told me what was up. I was kind of surprised the eye doctor only took 10 minutes for my exam. The eye doctor I used to go to took at least 45 minutes, and that was after waiting an half hour in the lobby. Eyeland's doctor was fast, efficient and told me exactly what was going on. I did have to pay the $38 when I ordered my glasses, no big deal -- they came in in 5 days. I usually have a hard time finding frames I like - especially sunglasses. But I found them right away, and in the cheapest price level.

I would give them a try. I think someone just had a bad day. :)

to Doesn't sound right. Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, United States #685137

you had insurance - the other guy didn't. Makes a world of difference when you have a big company backing you up.

to Anonymous Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, United States #685141

Just read the whole story about other "guy" - sorry, I now see it was a woman. That could explain some of it too, even in this day and age.

Good for her, taking a lawyer.

And to Waynesburg comment - just had a bad day?

This woman has had to chase around for months now. Doesn't sound like a "bad day" to me.

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